Exploring the Most Important Questions in Kitchen Remodeling: Can Cabinet Shelves Be Painted?

Important Questions For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Cleaning and maintenance are both important when it comes to elements such as the shelves of your cabinets. Most cabinets have wooden shelves, which unlike metal, glass or plastic, are prone to anything from water and fire damage to being affected by smoke, parasites like termites and even common household dust.


Metal and plastic shelves can also be painted in most cases, if necessary, but the best results can be gained by using the right type of paint on wooden cabinet shelves. Why is wood so appealing when it comes to the prospect of painting it? It’s simply because of wood’s natural texture and appearance that makes it less of an artificial addition to your home.


Most wooden shelves are painted in the first place, but the paint tends to wear off over time. If that happens, you usually have one of three choices: either you replace them, you use veneer to cover them, or you paint them. While replacing can be costly, and veneer doesn’t look good in all instances, paint can provide you with a more unique set of possibilities when it comes to redesigning the appearance of your shelves.


Painting your wooden cabinet shelves can be a pleasant experience, and the whole task shouldn’t take you much longer than a single afternoon – unless you plan on adding multiple coats of paint, just to make sure you get the desired effect.  Look to http://rollemoutshelves.com/ for more options on organizing and remodeling your kitchen cabinetry.

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The Best Tips and Recommendations for Keeping Your Cabinet Shelves Clean

Cleaning your cabinet shelves can bring a lot of hassle along with it, as long as you don’t fully know how to keep them clean in the first place. Cabinets can be quite messy, and without some care and proper prevention, the beautiful wood, glass, metal or anything else you might have, could be stained and affected by rot, mold or rust.


One of the main rules is to be extra careful with any liquid products you might store on your cabinet shelves. Make sure that any bottles and jars are closed safely and that there’s no chance for them to fall and get broken, or to be opened and cause a spillage by mistake.


Another tip is to clean your shelves as frequently as possible, it makes it easy when you have pull out shelves Denver retailers sell. This isn’t just meant to remove dust, but also to prevent bacteria and other parasites from taking hold. You have to make sure that the shelves are also cleaned with a gentle cloth so that they won’t get scratched and damaged – especially in the case of sensitive materials such as glass.


Finally, when it comes to wooden shelves, it’s a good idea to paint them a bit more frequently than just once every few years. Paint can wear off and the shelf can be severely affected by just about anything in the surrounding environment.

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Understanding the Causes of Sagging Shelves – What Can You Really Do About Them?

We’ve all been there – installing a new shelf only to find that the wood it’s made of just isn’t enough to hold our collection of books, magazines, porcelain dolls or memorabilia. If you have shelves that are sagging because of excessive weight being forced on them, then it’s important to be aware of what  exactly causes it to happen.


Sagging shelves can happen for any number of reasons. The most prevalent of them is that the weight we put on them is too great. However, this can be just a part of the problem.


In some cases, what happens is that the shelves themselves would normally withstand the weight of the objects we store on top of them, but they have no support. In these cases, simply installing brackets and metallic supports to hold up the base or center of a longer shelf will be enough to offer the reinforced support you were looking for.


Of course, there  are also cases when the shelves themselves are made from a type of material (most commonly wood) that is just too weak for the applications you have in mind. If that’s the case, consider buying a new shelf or replacing the boards of the shelving with stronger ones.


Finally, sagging shelves can also appear when the shelves you own are too old, damaged in some way, or poorly designed. In certain cases, it’s best to just buy a set of brand new shelves from companies like Roll’em Out Shelves in Brighton CO, rather than putting in a lot of effort to have them repaired.

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What Are Some of the Most Popular Spices to Keep in Your Kitchen?

When it comes to using spices for your favorite dishes, you might already have some idea of what kinds you would prefer. Cloves, cumin and ground cinnamon are a few examples, but the diversity of all the spices you can consider is quite possibly overwhelming. Nevertheless, in terms of popularity, not all spices are created equal.


So what are the most popular types of spices you should have around the house? It’s usually a matter of debate, since not everyone agrees on what the tastiest most flavorful spices might be. Some prefer basil and bay leaves, others are partial to cinnamon, while some love the smell of curry powder.


Aside from the ones mentioned above, two other very popular and widely used spices are allspice and apple pie spice. The latter is probably the most curious and unusual mix of all, featuring a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and allspice.  The secret to using spices is to keep them within grasp, and it’s easy to upgrade your current cupboards with pull out shelves from Roll ‘Em Out Shelves.


Of course, it’s ultimately a matter of preference which spices you buy and own, and it will greatly depend on the type of food you cook as well. But if it’s about putting the most popular spices on display in your kitchen, then some of the best choices you can make will revolve around cayenne, bay leaves, basil, apple pie spice and allspice.

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Can Sliding Shelves Work with Open Cabinets and Should You Consider Them?

Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet And Shelving Upgrades

Sliding shelves have become a trendy concept in today’s kitchen décor, and they can also be very practical. In fact slide out shelves Denver homeowners say are the best.  If you own a countertop set that looks good and has a lot of interior space to spare, you can modify some of them to install sliding shelves and save a lot of storage space in the process. But would the same idea work with cabinets, and more specifically, would it be all right to consider it in open cabinets?


Open cabinets usually feature glass doors or even no doors at all. Their shelves are typically not going anywhere, and they’re usually on display in higher places, but not always. Some cabinets can be installed at ground level and it’s usually these open cabinets that will work best with sliding shelves.


So how does this work? Basically, the modified or uniquely designed shelves will fill up the area where the static shelving is located. They should be designed to fit entirely inside the open cabinets, whether or not you want to use any doors.


The idea is quite trendy these days, and it involves maximizing storage space by ensuring that the sliding shelves are fitted in a cabinet where you have easy access. The result will be a sliding shelf that is aesthetically pleasing and made to greatly improve on your kitchen’s overall appearance.

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The Best Innovations in Home Storage – Important Concerns to Address

Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Are you looking to spice up your kitchen and make it stand out as a practical and neatly arranged area, where all your storage cabinets and drawers are both serviceable and stylish? Then you might want to consider some of the trendy options for home storage innovations presented below.


Corner Kitchen cabinet drawers are stylish and some of the most unique innovations you can get. Also, they’re among the most cutting edge, and a lot of people don’t really remember if they ever saw something like that in one of their friends’ or neighbors’ homes. So why shouldn’t your home be the first one that introduces corner drawers to the neighborhood?


Another great innovation you can think of adding is a much cheaper one: simply turn some (or even all) of your cabinets into shelves. The process is simple. You just have to remove the doors, repaint the shelving and add some veneer to areas that look a little old and worn out. You can also consider repainting your old cabinets so they can fit the style you’re looking to promote.


Finally, installing an island with unique shelves for fancy bowls and other kitchen items you want to keep on display can be a bold initiative and an excellent home storage innovation that is well-regarded this year by all expert decorators and interior design specialists.

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How To Maximize Small Storage Spaces In Your Kitchen

Get Maximum Efficiency With Your Storage

When you have a small kitchen and every little storage area counts, a good organization of the available space can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are simple solutions that you can apply very easily to maximize what you have.

  • Use, as much as you can, the concept of vertical storage. Hang wall cabinets of different sizes and install bars under them, with hooks for cutlery and pans.
  • Choose practical furniture and, if it is too difficult to find something that suits perfectly the limited space you have, order custom furniture designed to match your needs exactly, without getting things too crowded.
  • Store the spices in transparent jars, to make it easier to identify them. Glass jars can be stored everywhere, inside or outside cabinets and will help you to not waste time searching the ingredients you need.
  • Open shelves and shelves that slide Denver outlets supply are good as an alternative to cabinets; they provide adequate storage space for smaller items and keep them in sight and easily reachable.
  • The storage space inside your kitchen cabinets can be better organized to gain more space by installing pull-out shelves and hanging systems on cabinet doors as well as on their sides.

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