How to Use Roll-Out Shelves for Your Garage

Tips To Organize Your Garage

If you use your garage for storage as well as for DIYing and repairs, you probably know it from your own experience how time- and energy-consuming it is to keep the space neat and organized – tools and spare parts tend to hide in the most impossible spaces and small items, such as screws and nuts seem to multiply uncontrollably. Fortunately, there are lots of clever furnishing solutions that can help you keep tools, parts and other things in the place where they belong and roll-out shelves are definitely among the best of these solutions. Here are a few ways that you can use roll-outs to maintain order in your garage:

  • Install them close to floor level, underneath your cabinets to store large or heavy objects that you don’t use regularly;
  • Use them inside your cabinets to have easy access to your tools or to your chemicals;
  • Use small containers and space dividers to keep tiny objects, such as nails and screws safely separated.

The secret to using roll-out shelves efficiently is to always put things back to where their place is – these clever shelf solutions can take up a lot and they are very sturdy, but they need to be kept neat.  Find more great ideas at

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The Benefits of Using Slide Out Shelves for Your Bathroom

Advantages To Adding Bathroom Storage Units

Slide Out shelves are great, modern inventions that can add functionality and extra storage space to any bathroom without requiring the owner to cram the space with more cabinets – here are the benefits of using these simple, but ingenious furnishing solution in your bathroom:

  • Safe storage for valuable, fragile items – most of us have bathroom vanities so crammed with make-up products, perfume bottles and other things that the vanity is almost impossible to clean and finding the right product is also difficult. Rolling shelves provide safe storage and easy access to all your bathroom treasures;
  • A more organized bathroom – with rolling shelves, you can keep not only your vanity, but the entire bathroom neat and clean and the shelves also protect the toiletries from dust and splashing water;
  • Customizable solutions for any cabinet – slide out shelves are available in many different standard sizes, but if you cannot find the shelves to fit your cabinet size, you can easily get custom-sized shelves that will fit in perfectly. Today’s handy slide Out shelves Denver companies promote can be fitted with space dividers and you can also use trays to make usage even more comfortable;
  • Versatility – slide out shelves are not only for vanities. They can be used for larger items, such as towels and gadgets, including your hair dryer or hair straightener.

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Why Winter Is the Perfect Time to Begin Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling During The Winter Months

Finding the right time for remodeling your home is not easy – we are all busy all the time and we also get the feeling there is no good timing for the mess and discomfort associated with remodeling. Your remodeling project can start with a DIY or as simple as hiring Roll ‘Em Out Shelves of Denver to installed rollout drawers and shelves in your kitchen to automatically upgrade your cupboards.  However, if the remodel cannot be postponed for very much longer, start it in winter – here is why:

  • Contractors are easier to find – as most homeowners sacrifice their summer vacations to start and complete their remodeling projects, the hot season is also the peak period for remodeling contractors. If you are willing to schedule the project for winter, you can find available contractors more easily and you will probably benefit from better rates as well;
  • Faster permitting – the government agencies that issue construction permits take shorter to emit permits in winter, so if your project requires a permit, you can get it faster during the offseason;
  • Faster completion for material orders – winter is offseason for the companies that supply building materials as well, so access to the building materials that you need is also easier and the deals are better in winter.

If you live in an area that gets harsh winters, you might have to postpone some exterior remodeling operations for the spring and the summer, but in areas that get milder winters or no winter at all, the period from December to March is even better for work done on your home exterior than the spring or the summer.


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Making Your Life Easier with Shelves That Slide

Things To Know To Make Your Life Easier

Sliding shelves are modern storage units that use innovative hardware for easy usage and lots of other benefits – here are some:

  • More storage space – these innovative sliding drawers and shelves slide out to their entire length, without leaving any dead space in the back, allowing you to make more use of your space;
  • Organization and easy access – it is easier to keep slide out shelves neat and organized, which will make access to the things that you keep on the shelves easier to find and to grab as well;
  • Versatility – slide out shelves can be used not only for storing spice bottles, pots and other items that belong in the kitchen. Slide out shelves make excellent solution for bathroom cabinets, for pantries, even for entertainment centers. Nowadays, you can also find slide out shelves fitted with power outlets that you can use for charging your devices placed on the shelves without showing all the chords and cables;
  • Durability – being a modern invention, slide out shelves are made from strong material that can easily outlast the cabinet that the shelf goes into. The innovative hardware that moves the shelves is also made from industry-grade material that will not get rusty or corroded.

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How Roll Out Shelves Can Help You Know Which Products You Have

Ways To Organize Your KitchenRoll out shelves and easy pull out shelves Denver retailers sell are comfortable and easy to use tools to organize your products – here is how to use them to have accurate information about your inventories at a glance:

  • Use space dividers – dividers allow you to multiply the space available on your roll out shelves and to store products belonging to the same category in one place;
  • Use labels – color coded labels or labels that display the name of the product category stored on the shelves can help you locate the shelf that contains the products that you need;
  • Create a shelf system and use a list and a map – put together a list with your shelves and the products stored on each of them. If your warehouse is large, you can draw a map of the room and mark the numbers used on the shelves for easier identification;
  • Get standard shelves or have them custom-made to meet your specific requirements – roll out shelves come in many different sizes, but if you cannot find the perfect size, you can have your shelves custom-made to your exact specifications;
  • Smart placement – roll out shelves can be pulled out completely, giving you easy access to all the products placed on them, even those in the back row.

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Tips for Fall Cleaning for Your Home

Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall is usually a season for many changes and preparations and in most households, it is also the time when a big cleaning session takes place. If you want to make sure this year there are no places left uncleaned in your home, here are a few tips that can help you be more effective:

  • Check your pantry – check all the shelves and boxes in your pantry for expired or spoiled food, then wash and vacuum everything, including the corners, the ceiling and the floors;
  • Flip the mattresses – most modern mattresses come with a summer side and a winter side to ensure comfort among all temperature conditions. The weather outside will soon turn cool, so make sure you sleep on the winter side of the mattress;
  • Shampoo and vacuum all upholstery and carpets – it is very important to refresh the upholstery and the carpets before the rainy season settles in, especially if you have pets in the house as well;
  • Clean the walls and the windows, too;
  • Pay attention to the light fixtures as well – dust and clean the light fixtures mounted on your walls and ceilings and don’t forget to clean the lampshades on standard lamps;
  • Check and clean your smoke detectors and your furnace or call a technician to do the cleaning for you – these operations are essential for the safety of your household.

For great organization ideas for your kitchen and bathrooms, look at

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How to Keep Your Tools Organized with Shelves That Slide

Sliding shelves are the best storage units for any space, for the rooms in your home as well as for your shed and for your garage. If you are constantly facing the trouble of having to go through large boxes kept on the ground just to find the tool that you want to use and you never seem to have enough space, here is how to how you can keep all your tools neat and organized with the help of sliding shelves:

  • Use the slide out shelves Denver contractors can install to organize the contents of your cabinets – if you have cabinets fitted with fixed shelves, you can easily remove them and replace them with sliding shelves. You can add boxes, pans and other space dividers to keep your tools organized;
  • Use large sliding shelves underneath your existing cabinets – sliding shelves can be installed in the unused space between the bottommost shelf of your existing cabinet and the floor to store large or rarely used tools out of the way, but within easy reach.

Sliding shelves are available in most specialised stores, but you can easily have them custom-made or, even better, you can make it yourself – the materials that you need are not expensive and you can make sure that they are exactly what you want.

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